Experiencing a Mass Shooting Firsthand: ‘I Was Not Going to Let Evil Win’

Many Coloradans may remember the moments leading up to, during or the aftermath of the Columbine, Platte Canyon and Youth With a Mission tragedies. Deputy Chief A.J. DeAndrea with the Arvada Police Department was one of the first responders at each of these scenes. He stood about three feet away from Emily Keyes before she was fatally shot; he carried Tiffany Johnson from a horrific scene to an ambulance where she later died in the emergency room; and he looked those killers in the eyes. A.J. h

Boulder ballot initiative ‘Bedrooms Are for People’ challenges current restrictive housing laws

Imagine sharing a room with your friend for a variety of reasons. There’s a bunk bed set up in the bedroom and you both are comfortable with your living situation. But when your landlord visits, you take apart the bunk bed, stash it in the basement and have to claim that bedroom is an office. This is because the occupancy law in your city prohibits more than three unrelated people from living under the same roof. This situation is a reality for residents and renters in Boulder, Colorado. Bould

Magazine Nine

Patience is something that Christine Mahoney, the internship coordinator at the College of Media, Communication and Information here at CU Boulder, is all too familiar with. Her position has changed following the initial campus closure due to COVID-19, as she used to manage the employer-relations aspects of CMCI as well as career services assistance. Now, Mahoney is also teaching TV reporting, an upper-division journalism class. As a former TV reporter, bringing her real-world experience to the

Opinion: Students react to the riot on the Hill

Last weekend, hundreds of University of Colorado, Boulder students woke up and chose to put their “college experience” over human lives. They gathered unmasked, destroyed property and terrorized law enforcement. For absolutely no reason, other than to party. The sheer privilege of white, wealthy college students who are more focused on partying than receiving an education was revealed in Boulder that day. To say the scene was horrific would be an understatement. The city waits with bated brea

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In honor of Women’s History Month, occurring since 1987 as an extension of the original “Women’s History Week” that began in 1982, this magazine edition highlights women–both past and present–who shape our lives today and our futures. “Celebrating Her” commemorates women who have impacted our communities, including: Katie Hnida, the first woman to score a point in a Division One college football game and an activist for women and sexual assault survivors; the queer women in Boulder who particip

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As we celebrate our relationships this Valentine’s Day, both romantic and non-romantic, it’s important to remember where our relationships came from and how their unique roots have given shape to who we are and how our relationships function. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your romantic partner, close friends or even family members, take a moment to think about and appreciate the beginnings of our pairings. Reflecting on how our relationships form can really pack a punch and shi

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Our stories and analysis of listening to hip-hop and rap Hip-hop culture and rap music can be a learning experience, especially for people of privilege, although many may not treat it as such. People like myself and my dad, who grew up in primarily white neighborhoods and white schools, get a very limited chance to learn about Black culture. Hip-hop and rap music can be an opportunity, or introduction, to learn about aspects of Black culture. My dad explains his first experience with rap music

The City of Boulder launches new campaign urging residents to ‘Be Safe, Boulder’

With a large student population, coronavirus raged through the city and infected many within both the city and university population. According to archived data from the university’s COVID-19-Ready dashboard, the total number of positive results for on-campus testing in the fall semester was approximately 1,725. In hopes of returning to in-person instruction and welcoming freshmen back to campus this month, the city takes a stance through the ‘Be Safe, Boulder’ campaign. Supported by well-known

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How can we make life enjoyable even during the hardest of times? It’s a question many struggle with at some point. One of the hardest periods of my life was nearly a year ago during the November and December months of 2019. As a junior at CU Boulder, I had overcommitted myself to responsibilities to the point that I was struggling to keep afloat in doing everything I needed to do on a daily basis while enjoying none of the process. I knew it would be a lot of work, managing my school work with m